The History of Neecheewam Inc.

Neecheewam was formed in response to a need for resources specific to Indigenous children and youth to address concerns that reflected their cultural heritage.

Neecheewam is a word used to express “home of my friend”. Neecheewam Inc. (hereafter identified as Neecheewam) strives to embody this by providing an environment that is congruent with the Indigenous perspective of care. Neecheewam was established in May 1975, as a non-profit, charitable organization, affiliated with the Native Clan Organization. Native Clan was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and provided a range of services for Indigenous Adults. As Neecheewam was designed to specifically provide services for children and youth, Neecheewam became a separate entity in July 1976.

Created for culturally-responsive care.

Neecheewam was formed in response to an overwhelming need for the development of resources that would be specific to Indigenous children and youth to address community concerns in a way that was reflective of their cultural heritage.

The need for culturally responsive resources today continues to be an important aspect of child and youth care. Those involved in the initial development of Neecheewam believed that the promotion of active involvement in the Indigenous community through social, cultural, and professional development was crucial to the success and healing of the community. As a result, Neecheewam’s primary goal was establishing a residential child care program for Indigenous people, facilitated by Indigenous people, and one that would promote aspects of Indigenous identity.