Eagle Warriors (Mikisii Ogitchitag)

Structured support for young men between the ages of 12-17

This residential resource is a four-bed unit for male identified youth aged 12-17. This facility is specific to Indigenous youth who have limited involvement with the justice system but have demonstrated behaviour that indicate a need for additional structure and support.  Young persons at this unit may be assigned a Probation Officer or an ISSP (Intensive Support and Supervision Program) Worker, in which case Eagle Warriors will work with the youth to meet their individual needs while remaining cognizant of legal requirements of the youth.

Eagle Warriors unique programming consists of:

  • Interventions which assist youth to break away from gang involvement and its lifestyle.
  • Daily one to one counseling addressing various social issues which could include anger management, victim impact awareness, substance abuse, healthy relationships, and responsible sexuality through one on one discussions, programming and life resource workbooks.
  • Continued support in the event a youth becomes incarcerated.
  • Cultural pride and awareness implementing spiritual, traditional, ceremonial, and historical education, practices, and teachings. This is aimed at promoting each individual’s sense of pride and Indigenous identity.
  • Weekly recreational activities to provide opportunities for physical fitness, cultural awareness, and entertainment.