White Butterfly (Wabshke Memengwa)

Support for Indigenous young women ages 12-17 years.

This facility is a four-bed lodge for Indigenous young women ages 12-17 years old. White Butterfly offers long term placement and programming. This home is also specific to youth who have demonstrated behaviours that indicate a need for additional structure, supervision, and support.

White Butterfly strives to achieve a nurturing and consistent therapeutic environment through group intervention and one to one counselling with Youth Care Practitioners. In order for this to happen, we provide the following supports to the young persons in our care:

  • Family environment to facilitate responsible age appropriate social, life, and decision making skills.
  • Educational needs will be met on an individual basis.
  • Individualized staff support and development based on the needs of the client.
  • Recreational opportunities to facilitate positive social development by providing alternatives to socially inappropriate behaviour through activities in the community and at home.
  • Cultural programming to promote and recognize each youths’ identities.