Neecheewam’s Commitment

Neecheewam takes their commitments very seriously, whether it’s to the stakeholders or to the children we serve. 


Commitment to Client Rights

Every child, youth, and family that is within Neecheewam’s care is entitled to treatment which is reflective of the seven sacred teachings and places their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and rights at the forefront of decisions made.

  • Service and care that respects their spirituality, culture, and religious upbringing;
  • Access Indigenous cultural events, ceremonies, traditions, and teachings;
  • Attend any religious ceremony/events they find meaningful and/or important;
  • Access their Children’s advocate and Child and Family Service Social Worker;
  • Be an active participant in decisions that are made regarding them;
  • Adequate food, including nutritionally balanced meals that meet the standard of the Canadian Food Guide;
  • Adequate clothing, including seasonally appropriate clothing, and items which are the correct size for the client(s);
  • Regular medical, optical, and dental care with check-ups annually at minimum, more on a case by case basis;
  • Weekly allowance in an amount which is compliant with current licensing requirements; and,
  • Pursue educational, recreational, athletic, cultural, and/or artistic activities suited to their interests.

Commitment to Family Involvement

Neecheewam recognizes the importance of family for our children and their impact on well-being. For this reason, Neecheewam works towards family reunification whenever possible and will actively seek out opportunities for client/family to be brought together. In conjunction with the social worker and treatment plan, parent and family members will be involved in case planning to the furthest extent possible.

It is imperative that safety and confidentiality practices are always followed. In doing so, it is expected that staff familiarize themselves with each client portfolio so that the safety and well-being of all youth are cared for, and that confidentiality is being upheld. This means that in some cases, certain family members may not be involved or limited involvement.

Case permitted; parental involvement will be encouraged by means of:

  • Advocating for family visits
  • Assisting youth with phone calls, letter writing, zoom/ skype, facetime, etc.
  • Inviting family members to special events such as birthdays
  • Informing parents of youth’s progress with school and treatment plans
  • Inviting parents to case conferences
  • Additional means of involvement can/should be determined on a case by case basis.

It is expected that staff will maintain a professional relationship with the family members involved in our work.

Commitment to Community Involvement

  • All community relations are important for both the agency and youth we work with. It is important that staff are consciously representing the agency when in the community, both on and off shift. Involvement with community agencies, specifically those which also support and work with Neecheewam families, should be encouraged to promote holistic community healing where possible.
  • Staff should be mindful to maintain positive relationships within the community and familiarize themselves with available and relevant resources of youth and their families. It is a responsibility of Neecheewam employees to know what community resources are available to children, youth, and their families and to connect them to these resources when applicable.
  • Utilizing community resources can be beneficial, however staff should also be mindful not to overly utilize community resources in a manner that may negatively impact relationships between Neecheewam and the service providers.
  • It is recommended that staff carry Neecheewam identification on them for safety purposes, especially when working and connecting with other community agencies and resources. This must be done in a discreet manner to protect the confidentiality of the youth, children, and families of Neecheewam.

Commitment to Our Employees

Neecheewam believes that employees are entitled to share in the good created by our concerted effort in developing services of recognized value. Neecheewam recognizes that having employees that are treated with love and respect will foster a valuable relationship between employees and their work. To this end, as an organization, Neecheewam aims mindfully to:

  • Maintain an open environment that is safe and comfortable for children, youth, and staff.
  • Recognize the intrinsic value of each employee as part of an extended family and individual.
  • Promote all employees working as equals to one another while respecting each other’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Treat employees and applicants for employment without judgment or discrimination.
  • Recognize the value of employees who take initiative outside of their duties to thoroughly understand their role within the agency.
  • Recognize the value of self-motivation and desire to broaden knowledge.
  • Ensure training opportunities are available to staff to allow optimum growth and development.
  • Encourage maximum continuity and promote longevity of employment within Neecheewam.